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Products and Services

We here at Grow Moore offer a wide range of products. From liquid and dry fertilizer, to pesticides, we cover all your farming and fertilizer needs. Below, we'll explain more on what we offer in each individual area, but always feel free to call, e-mail, or come on in and ask us questions. We keep most common items in stock, but we can get anything in for you.
Fertilizers and Additives

We offer various forms of dry and liquid fertilizers, as well as custom blends of each. We also carry stabilizers that we can use to treat the fertilizer with before application. We also offer various chemicals, with the most common kept in stock.


We have different types of equipment for application. We have terragators that we use to spread dry fertilizer and compost, and sprayers for spraying liquid fertilizer and chemicals. We also have spreaders that we offer for our customers to use for spreading their own dry fertilizer. 


    -        Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers

              Pro Germinator
              Sure K
              High NRG-N
              Micro Link
    -    32-0-0
    -    12-0-0-26
    -    28-0-0-5

    -    Custom Blends



    -    MOP 0-0-60
    -    MAP 11-52-0
    -    Urea 46-0-0
    -    Sulfur
    -    Custom Blends 




    -    Most common chemicals

            kept in stock.
    -    If you need it,

            we’ll do our best to have it.

•    SEED
    -    Cotton
    -    Corn
    -    Milo
    -    Hay
    -    Alfalfa

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