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About Grow Moore

Grow Moore, LLC is owned and operated by Matt & Michelle Moore. They have been farming and ranching in Wheeler county for over 35 years. They have offered commercial fertilizer and crop protection in the past but have discontinued this part of the operation.  They now concentrate on the beef cattle and hay/forage operation.  
A portion of the beef cattle are Wagyu breed and those calves are sold as F1 Wagyu.
All cattle are IMI Global certified SAV(source and age verified), NHTC(non-hormone), and All Natural.
Our Company

"I was raised in Wheeler County, in the Kelton community. We are currently residing in my grandparents home south of Kelton. I am still active in farming and ranching,  but the fertilizer business also takes a lot of my time. I enjoy the interaction with other Wheeler county farmers and ranchers. I feel like we are all in this together and I strive to do my best to assist everyone in accomplishing the best economic return from the land while improving it for the future generations."  - Matt Moore


Grow Moore was founded by a man who wanted to do the best for his neighbors and community. When Matt was just farming, he was already helping out his neighbors as much as he could. One day, he decided that it would be a wonderful course of action to go into fertlizing for him and his neighbors, and that's how Grow Moore was founded. 

There's a lot of hard work that goes into a great crop, but that's not all. It takes the right fertilizers and protection. At Grow Moore in Kelton, TX that's what we specialize in! Exactly the right applications, fertilizers and protection your crop needs to stand out above the rest.

We're also your best choice for compost and organic fertilizers.

At Grow Moore, we take pride in what we do!

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