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Grow Moore is now able to charge to John Deere Financial. Contact our office if interested in using your existing John Deere Financial multi-use account, or for help establishing a new account with John Deere Financial.
John Deere Financial offers several different finance options that could help extend your due date on seed or crop protection.

LiquiTube Tire Sealant 

Products and services

We here at Grow Moore offer a wide range of products and services. From liquid and dry fertilizer, to compost and chemicals, and from mapping to soil tests, we offer it all. 

About us

Grow Moore, LLC is owned and operated by Matt & Michelle Moore. They have been farming and ranching in Wheeler county for over 25 years. They have offered commercial fertilizer and protection through their farming operation, and have now moved the commercial operation into a separate business.

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LiquiTube is a premium, heavy duty, preventative maintenance tire sealant. It was scientificlaly developed for comercial and industrial tires that are subject to hard and heavy use.

LiquiTube allows you to maximize tire life while reducing fuel consumption and related downtime expenses. These facts of improved economy of operation make LiquiTube a preventative maintenance product that you cannot afford to be without. LiquiTube has proven itself a dependable and durable partner in any preventative maintenance program designed to keep your equipment roling on schedule.

This exceptional product combines an ethylene glycol-based solution with natural fibers,artificial fibers, adhesion agents, corrosion inhibitors and other solids. It is designed to keep the fibers and solids in constant suspension.

Because there is no settling of the solids and fibers, LiquiTube is always ready to work for you. No mixing, stirring or other preparation is necessary. The adhesion propertie in LiquiTube coupled with the fact that it remains fluid when installed in the tire, provides constant protection for all parts of the tire.